Pest Control


Pest Control

If you have a specific pest problem, you may want to consider a biological pest control service. This type of service uses natural predators to control the population of pests. If you are looking for a general pest control service, A. Global Enterprises is the company your look for. You can find us by searching for “pest control” or “pest control services” online or you can directly visit our website.

Business Stopping unwanted pests in their tracks is as simple as calling A.Global Enterprises. Offering a safer more natural remedy to pest elimination, A.Global Enterprises provides extermination services using eco-friendly products. Homes can fall victim to many types of insects, spiders or bugs. We believe in using effective methods for best control that is not only safer for the environment, but also to our clients. We exterminate ants, snails, fleas, wasps, centipedes, spiders — you name it. If there are bugs or other insects and pests bothering your peaceful home then we can get rid of them now. Located at Islamabad, We provide the best extermination services to residential and commercial properties in Islamabad / Rawalpindi. We have received many fantastic reviews from past clients. “We believe in the quality and effectiveness of our pest control solutions, and back them up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.” , “If the pests return, we’ll return to your home, we offer a re-treatment guarantee. But in any case you are not satisfied with our services, we offer 100% money back.” about our commitment to clients. Pests can invade any home, regardless of how clean a house is kept. The best method for preventing is to have an exterminator treat the inside and outside perimeter to ensure the property is completely protected. We provide packages to keep any residential property pest-free. During a visit We will thoroughly treat the whole property and make sure to focus on areas insects such as ants and spiders are known to enter. All our services are performed with environment-friendly pesticides that are safe for adults, children, and pets.


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