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Termite Proofing

Termite is an insect that inhabits in the earth.Termites normally feed on wood.Termites eat doors, cupboards, furniture, wooden floors and they cause many damage Moreover termites make the home look unappealing. To get rid of termites we have a team That completely kills all termites And your home will be safe from termites.

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Pest Control

fumigation is a method of pest cantrol that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to kill or paison the pests with in it is use to pest control insects and pest in building or many other places it is the most effective and fastest way to get ride of pests in any place this method also effects the structure it self effecting pests that inshabit the physical structure such as wood borers and drywood

pest control services - A global enterprises

Rodent Control

Normally rats are found In every home, building, store, shops, hotels etc These rats make home-grown grains their food Which includes various items they include vegetables, fruits, clothes, dry fruits etc Rats live in stores, sewers and where there is less crowd. enterprises offers a service to completely get rid and make your home safe from rats.

termite control services - A global entrprises

COVID-19 Disinfection

For the disinfection of COVID-19 we do COVID-19 disinfection. All the various things that we touch Or use, we sanitize them. The chemicals that we use are safe and free from stains and they dont have any side effects moreover they disinfect your home

water tank cleaning - A global enterprises

Water Tank Cleaning

Almost every home has a water tank. After some time it gets polluted and cause many germs and bacteria to grow which leads to many diseases for us.It is important to clean our water tank once in a while. Our team cleanse the water tank thoroughly and use chemicals to kill all germs which provides clean water to you

pest control services - A global enterprises

Heat Proofing

water tank cleaning - A global entrprises

Water Proofing

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Floor Scoring and Polishing

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